Image of Soft Cat - All Energy Will Rise

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Soft Cat - All Energy Will Rise


Soft Cat is the musical project of Neil Sanzgiri with a rotating cast of collaborative musicians from Baltimore, MD and beyond. What started as bedroom a recording project in 2009 grew into a baroque ensemble consisting of horns, flutes, cello, violin, banjo, classical and electric guitar. With the live formation constantly rotating from members moving to new cities, Sanzgiri’s most frequent collaborators are Brendan Sullivan on electric lead, Kate Barutha on cello and Evan Merkel on violin.

The emotional depth of the music on All Energy Will Rise is revealed not only in the words and melodies, but by the way Sanzgiri exudes a sorrowful singing with his hushed vocals. It is as if you are present with Sanzgiri and his band as he slowly unveils his process of accepting and making peace with his life and the world around him.

All Energy Will Rise Track Listing
01. Opening
02. Somebody
03. New Song
04. Old Song
05. Diana
06. Instrumental 2
07. Field Gap (for Chris Marker)
08. Desert Eyes
09. A Disturbance on the Surface of a Body of Water
10. All Energy Will Rise
11. Instrumental 1