Image of Sharpless - The One I Wanted To Be

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Sharpless - The One I Wanted To Be


Sharpless began in a bedroom on a 20th birthday, in an attempt to express repressed thoughts and feelings. Frustrated by the lo-fi conventional sounds of bedroom pop, Sharpless utilizes the bedroom studio to create dense pop arrangements that weave between experimental and Top 40. The One I Wanted To Be features guest appearances from Small Wonder, Told Slant, Bellows, Eskimeaux, and many more members of The Epoch, a Brooklyn-based DIY collective. Lyrically, the album is a sprawling and personal narrative about past lives, parallel universes, and the search for home.

The One I Wanted To Know Track Listing
1. The Hardest Question
2. Greater Than (>)
3. You've Got a Lot of Feelings
4. Summer 2012
5. P a s t L i f e R e g r e s s i o n
6. Gemini
7. Mom and Dad
8. Nothing Can Change
9. Greater Then