Image of Mutual Benefit + Holy Spirits - Mutual Spirits split 12"

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Mutual Benefit + Holy Spirits - Mutual Spirits split 12"

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Mutual Spirits is a split vinyl 12" between Mutual Benefit (Boston, MA) and Holy Spirits (New York, NY). The idea for the split came about following shows both bands played in California in early 2010. The 12" was pressed on white + gold swirl vinyl and was limited to 250. The album art is the creation of Nathaniel Whitcomb of Think or Smile.


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Track listing
1. Exit - mutual benefit
2. Brownswan - mutual benefit
3. Future House Show - mutual benefit
4. No Names - mutual benefit
5. Wishing - mutual benefit
6. Brownswan (reprise) - mutual benefit
7. Open The Sparrow - Holy Spirits
8. To the Shore - Holy Spirits
9. Handmade Sun - Holy Spirits
10. I'll Not Become - Holy Spirits

"Mutual Benefit on one side, giving us more childlike crooning. Holy Spirits on the other, making you contemplate religion again with their sacred sounds." -- Smoke Don't Smoke

Mutual Spirits - Mutual Benefit & Holy Spirits