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Flagland - Love Hard

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Love Hard is Flagland’s third album, and at twenty tracks, speaks volumes to the Brooklyn trio's songwriting stamina and dedication to doing things on their own terms. The recording process was piecemeal, done sporadically by the band between shows, and with the exception of drums at Let ‘Em In Music in Brooklyn, was recorded and mixed in Dooley’s apartment. The themes weaving throughout Love Hard can be summed up with a few key words: Love hard. Fight hard. Live hard. The same can be said for the variance of musical styles. Equal amounts of ferocity are heard on the bipolar “Comfortable Life” and bleak, hard-hitting “Monster,” as on their musical antithesis, the jubilant power-pop “Sugarcube.” Flagland is a multi-dimensional band that is impossible to label or define. Everything is open to interpretation.

Love Hard Track Listing
02. Searchers
03. Swingin
04. Happiness
05. Waste of Paper
06. Not a Joke
07. Straight White Male
08. Comfortable Life
09. Monster
10. Proud
11. Shitsucksrightnow
12. Sugarcube
13. Time #3
14. Yr GF
15. Greed
16. Let It Go
17. Kerry
18. It's Your Time
19. Unfinished Business
20. Mosquito Bite